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Fly Fishing Cuba

Tarpon School Painting
Small Walking Havana
Small Tarpon Hunting mockup
Small Permit Page ver2
Small Havana ver2
Small Fishing Trip mockup ver2

For a number of years Veteran Outdoors has worked with Ed Anderson of Boise, Idaho.  His art has been a part of VO since the beginning.  An avid sportsman and veteran himself, he travels the world looking for the next adventure.  It was with great anticipation, we get to show is latest journal pages from his latest trip from Fly Fishing in Cuba.

Traveling out of Miami with Picabo Angler, Ed got to see a large spectrum of the freshly opening country. From walking the crowded streets of Havana to the remote islands of Los Jardines de la Reina aboard the Avalon II, it was a fly fishing trip like no other.  Here are those pages…

Small Havana ver2 Small Permit Page ver2 Small Tarpon Hunting mockup Small Fishing Trip mockup ver2 Small Walking Havana

A note from the artist: Thanks so much to Veteran Outdoors for all you do and a special thank you to all the Veterans.  I can’t tell you how grateful I feel living in country with the freedoms you all provide.

10 days in a truly communist country run down by 60 years of neglect will open any of our eyes.  The people were so kind and generous, but ragged from decades poverty.  Doctors driving cabs because they could make more money, took us into their homes to show us what had happened during the years of the “Glorious Revolution”.  And now, the Americans poor-in testing the infrastructure of a crumbling country and testing the patience of an over-taxed population.

Make no mistake, I am glad I was there.  However, the challenges ahead for the country are immense.  Apparently, American Airlines will start flying 20 flights a day into Havana.  French companies are building hotels as fast as they can.  The romance of what Cuba once was will change.  Right now its anyone’s guess as to how.

Please enjoy my drawings of the place.  I will post more photos in the coming week.  Ed