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Episode 3: Tyonek Alaska Part 4

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US ARMY CPT Juan (JJ) Guerrero
US ARMY Jason Burr
US ARMY CPL Alejandro (Alex) Albarron

Alaska… the last North American frontier! We just got back from filming our second episode of Veteran Outdoors; this trip took us into the cool temperatures of Tyonek ,  AK . The tables were turned on this trip as the WWP surprised us with a trip to Alaska as their way of saying thanks to Veteran Outdoors. Our targets on this adventure were Black Bears…and let me tell you, we were all fortunate enough that our “targets” found their mark! We landed in Alaska around 12:30 am Thursday morning (in broad daylight btw) caught a little puddle jumper the next morning to Tyonek (coastal Indian village) where we stayed in log cabins surrounded by the most surreal nature scene possible, carried pistols everywhere (never knew when you’d run into a bear) and had the time of our lives. We had the pleasure and honor of sharing this adventure with four amazing veterans…their stories will be told on this episode of VO!